The Little Wedgie 60 Minutes

AUD $25.00

The Little Wedgie is the smallest wedgie of them all! A mini-version of The Big Wedgie, it’s perfect for young ones. The Little Wedgie has been designed just for kids ages 3-5 years!

(Please ensure you book separate tickets for each person or group (i.e. choosing 4 Little Wedgie tickets will all be listed under one code). Thanks!)

This Ticket Includes: 
• The Little Wedgie x60 Minutes

No bookings required! Time starts from the minute your ticket is redeemed! Opening dates and hours are subject to weather conditions.

Basic Rules: 
Minimum Height: 0.8m
Maximum Weight: 40kg
Age Guideline: 3+ years (best for ages 3-5 years)
Please click here for detailed rules. 

Terms and Conditions: 
Valid for 1x slide (The Little Wedgie) only! (Additional slides require their own ticket.) Each ticket is per person and tickets cannot be shared. Please click here to review our terms and conditions before purchasing.